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Persons of the Week: Celebrating All Music Therapists

Here we are again. It was just about 4 years ago when all of this media coverage began. It was the 2012 American Speech and Hearing Association conference week and  I walking the coast of San Diego California watching the world cup for sailboat races when I heard the news. My therapy team and I (from TIRR) had been chosen as Diane Sawyers “persons of the week”. It was so stoked. I had never imagined that so much attention would be given to our little hospital. The spotlight had remained on Music Therapy and this year David Muir decided to show America how important it is in the recovery process. Check out this video in the link. You will see Gabby Giffords and I sing one of her favorite songs form her childhood. We actually never sang it while she was here in therapy. This total impromptu. You will notice that I don’t really remember the words, I am humming, but she steals the show. Thank God my daughter had been watching this movie all throughout last year or I may not have been so confident to initiate the singing. This is beautiful moment. I did not realize that Gabby’s husband, Mark Kelley, was also filming with his smart phone and made this video viral within minutes. This was an amazing reunion and honor.

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